Meet Automation Handyman

Here’s everything you need to know about me, the team, and why I started Automation Handyman!

I love Solving Problems.

My love for tech started 14 years ago when I saw my first computer and the fact that it had my favourite videos games on it.

What started as a minor infatuation with gaming and upgrading my computer just so that I could play the new game on it, I started tinkering around my home with various tech and gadgets until I could put them back together.

I started my first blog at the age of 16, and 14 years later decided to get back into writing a blog that helps me get in touch with the tinkerer in me and helps people like you solve your daily home automation problems.

But it’s not just me. I’ve brought on a team of dedicated engineers and home automation aficionados to help me fact-check and test everything before we share it with you!

Meet the other Contributors

Ayushi Sharma

Ayushi is a hardcore home automation hobbyist and has automated everything from her good night music to turning on the lights in the morning.

Sugata das

Sugata das loves all things TVs and is our lead editor and tester in helping you when your Samsung TV won’t start!

Editorial Guidelines

All our tutorials and guides and everything we write about are rigorously tested and fact-checked by multiple experts. Our team of editors ensures that what we write for you is easy to understand and follow and is supported by enough visual cues to avoid confusion while fixing your appliances.

We do try to create videos whenever possible, but it’s not really feasible for us at this point in time to make a video for every single guide we write.

If you’ve any suggestions or feedback, feel free to email me at